Wild Boar


Dimensions: 18H x 20W x 10D approx 30 lbs 

Sus Scrofa, the European wild boar, is another animal whose reputation as a mythic beast is widespread. It was one of Hercules' tasks to capture the Erymanthian Boar, which had been sent by Hera to lay waste the countryside, destroying farmers crops and fences, scattering their livestock throughout the land. He had to capture the boar alive and he was too powerful and dangerous, even for Hercules. So Hercules maneuvered the boar into a large snowdrift to restrict its movement, and was able to subdue it. Most of the wild pigs in North America are descendents of the European wild boar and feral pigs. Highly intelligent, incredibly strong, and quite large, they deserve their fearsome reputation.
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