St. Francis

B0016P 0062


Dimensions: 62H x 30W x 26D approx. 220 lbs

A simple reading of the "Canticle of the Sun" shows that what St. Francis wrote was about the joy and love that was his understanding of the manifestation of God in the world. Every creature was a brother or a sister, as were all the elements of the physical world. Why then is he always portrayed as a sorrowful, morose creature, bearing the stigmata? My version shows him life size, (at least according to measurements that were made when his remains were re-interred at the latest Basilica of Assisi) and instead of preaching to the creatures, he is listening. I wanted to show him with a joyful twinkle in his eye, because I too take a great deal of pleasure in the natural world and can easily understand the appreciation he had for all creatures.        
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