(Edition of 15)

Dimensions: 16"H x 14"W x 12"D bronze and quartz crystal sphere approx 50 lbs

Who cannot relate to the story of Sisyphus; endlessly rolling a boulder up a mountain, never attaining the summit?

One of the reasons ancient mythology appeals to me is the way the stories can embody universal feelings and responses. Within all of us is a little piece of Sisyphus. At first it seems incredibly frustrating and hopeless, yet Sisyphus knows his task and even though he realizes the futility of it, he manages to keep going. Perhaps there is a chance to see Sisyphus as a person who is completely in the present moment, finding joy in the journey. In this case, the boulder is a genuine quartz crystal sphere, especially made for me in Brazil. I feel drawn into it, searching for things hinted at, or only partially revealed. Perhaps the burden with which Sisyphus wrestles is not all physical.
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