Red Mountain Mulie

B0016P 0088$3,360

Dimensions:17H x 17W x 16D - approx 25 lbs stone base approx 40 lbs

It was another quiet, peaceful, Red Mountain morning. The mountain lay recumbent with her face turned toward the refractive first light of day. There is little heat in this first light, in fact it stirs the air and makes it colder, but there is a promise of warmth in the glowing red rock. How many creatures drift off to peaceful slumber filled by the monstrous misfortune of other creatures who will never awaken again? In the wide vista that lay before me now, how many life and death dramas unfolded in the darkness of the previous night? How many more will happen today? Tonight? Tomorrow? Life must sustain itself with death and does so constantly, ubiquitously. But here in the first long light of another day everything is infused with the peace that comes from the certainty that the universe is unfolding as it should. Our concerns over our daily bread and trespasses are no more or less important to the cosmos than the dying screams of a vole in the clutches of an owl.
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